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Pedigree and refinement come as much from the mare as they do the stallion. The Star Fire Ranch Breeding Program specializes in bringing top quality from both sides to bring maximum refinement to each new foal. 
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Sire: Brewers Spectacular Leopard Illusion
(By Brewers Orion Spectacular)
Dam: Nashville Fine N' Fancy
She has thrown 4 snowcaps in a row all by Brewers Supreme Starfire....

 Star Fire Snow Drift                                                               Star Fire Snow Cap-tivation

Star Fire Reach for the Sky                                                     Starfire Supreme Renegade

Starfire Polaris Starlight/2015


Sire: GRF The Designer Look
Dam:Star Fire Sunshine On My Shoulder
Geisha is 4 times Orion Light Vant Huttenest in her immediate pedigree. A 4 year old with a beautiful Arabian type head, wonderful temperament!  She is exquisite!! Photo coming soon.
 Star Fire Scout's Starlight


Sire: Yashica Light Vant Huttenest
Dam: Meadow View Snow On The Mountain
Very pretty headed direct daughter of Yashica Light Vant Huttenest, (A Reserve National Grand Champion Junior Stallion). 
She has a long neck, nice smooth body and is very friendly. Follows us everywhere!

Star Fire Yasicha's Legend                                                        Starfire Polaris Trixie    

                       PHOTO COMING SOON

sired by Brewers Supreme Extreme                          sired by: Blue Chips Polaris Masterpiece

Starfire Flurries Tempest


One of our initial mares to the Star Fire Ranch Star Fire Breeding Program, throwing many colors over her fruitful years.

Star Fire Snowy Night/2005                                      Star Fire Yashica Orion Snow Flurry/2006

Star Fire Snow Flakes/2007                                                   Star Fire Classy's Promise/2010



(with Geisha)

Sire: is a Yang Light Van Huttenest son
Dam: Reality's Tiny Talia Blue
She has Orion Prophecy and Boones Little Buckeroo bloodlines.
 Star Fire Geisha Girl/2007                                                  Star Fire Supreme Elegance/2009

(With Rhythm of the Roses)


Pictured as a foal

Sire: Brewers Classic Supreme
Dam: Brewers Classic Cara
Double bred Brewers Orion Classic and line bred Orion Light Vant Huttenest. 
She is a very pretty Arabian type headed mare with wide set doe eyes.

Bred to Starfire

 Star Fire Two Times Supreme                                             Star Fire Rhythm of the Roses

Starfire Supreme Serenade/2013



Sire: Brewers Extreme Supreme
Dam: Star Fire Sunshine On My Shoulder
"Ellie" has a long thin well set neck and beautiful head,
with a great pedigree!


Sire: REHs Classy Night
Dam: Spectacular Diamond Freckles





Lovely Mare, Homozygous Black

Bred to Wildfire for 2017

Beautiful Mare with fabulous pedigree, conformation, Arabian features, delicate neck, and the most wonderful personality!

Pastured with Starfire Two Times Supreme.

One of our lovely leopard mares who throws conformation and refinement.
She produced a 2013 Black Leopard mare by Polaris which is a two time top 10 at 2015 Nationals. 2015 AMHR AllStar Top 10.
In 2015 we had a repeat filly by Polaris. (Starfire Polaris Periwinkle)

Starfire Polaris Periwinkle/2015                   Starfire Polaris Polka Dot/2013


Starfire Polaris Heart Throb

Was born in 2014.  Exceptional snow capped filly, nice all over, very friendly.


Black Leopard Appaloosa  33"
DOB 2/16/08

Extremely friendly in your pocket type of mare.
Dam: Brewers Yashica Mariah
(A Yashica daughter)
Trios Night Ryder on top
Orion Light on the bottom

Bred to Polaris

Being bred to Polaris

Starfire Rhythms Diamond Ruby

DOB 3/24/12

Very nice 31” Red Appy Mare – Another one of Rhythm’s beautiful offspring. Spectacular Diamond Freckles Grand-daughter. This combination is a beautiful legacy to carry on for both parents.

Friendly, easy breeder. Well mannered, beautiful build.
Both of her parents are loud Appys. 

Bred to Wildfire for 2017

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