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Announcing our Newest Edition!


Sire: Blue Chips Attraction Masterpiece
Dam: Brewer's Feature Maiden
Black Appaloosa with a fabulous blanket, long slender neck, along with an Arabian type head.  Absolutely wonderful movement, and temperament.
Thanks Cherie & Joe for a long awaited dream come true!

AMHA Worlds Top 5
AMHR Nationals 2 X Top 10


Beautiful Blanketed Appaloosa Stallions...  All are sons or grandsons Brewer's Classic Supreme!
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Four time AMHA National Champion
Bred from generations of famous Appaloosas directly descended from Orion Light Vant Huttenest whose record was never beaten.... 37 National Champions!! 


Sire: Brewers Classic Supreme
Dam: Brewer's Captivating Beauty
 Sorrel Appaloosa with a large white blanket and spots, 
 long thin neck that stretches forever, along with an Arabian type head.  Great movement, too. This one is eye catching!
We appreciate the Rowdy bloodlines in his pedigree.
He has produced:

Star Fire Snow Drift                                                                Star Fire Snow Cap-tivation


 Star Fire Reach for the Sky                                                 Starfire Supreme Renegade



Sire: Brewers Classic Supreme
Dam: Brewers Megabucks Bay Mist
 A full younger brother to the lovely Brewers Supreme Mystique now resides in Australia.  Silver Bay Blanket Appaloosa with a huge white blanket and lots of spots.  Super elegant! Long, lean neck beautifully set and movement to die for, he the last born of the Classic Supreme and Megabucks Bay Mist combo!!
Show Record- 2011
Pretty awesome being shown by a Novice Groomer and Handler.
5 times Champion, 
Reserve Grand Champion &
Top Ten (7th) at the World Competition
7 ribbons in 3 shows~ not a bad first year!

Sire: Brewer's Supreme Extreme
Dam: Brewer's Megabucks Bay Mist

He is a 3/4 brother to Brewers Supreme Wildfire

This stallion is exquisite and small, he will mature at 30 inches!!  Totally a dream come true for us to acquire this awesome colt.  A huge thank you for our new permanent Sr. Stallion to Roy Brewer (and Lyn Yung for bringing him to our attention)!  He is absolutely faultless, beautiful true refined Arabian head and neck. Limit is out of a son of Classic Supreme and Mega Bucks and continues that great combination.

Appaloosas and Pintaloosas usually lack in refinement. Not this little boy!
Topping out around 30'', "Timmy's" well set, thin and forever long neck compliments his impeccable Arabian head, and he's very finely built!
Out of Carisma. With a touch of Buckeroo.
Double bred Orion Light Vant Huttenest

Orion Light has a record 37 Natl Ch

Sire: Brewers Supreme Starfire
Dam: Spectaculars Designer Doll

DOB:  6/1/11

33.75" Snow Cap (LP/LP - N/PATN1)

Sky is a very valuable Stallion-very refined, correct body, long,
slim and beautifully arched neck with a very hard-to-come-by true
Arabian head-unheard of in Appaloosa's. We are very fortunate to have
such a Stallion. We have several very nice mares bred to him, so what
for his 1st babies in 2017.

Starfire Yashicas Legend

Sire: Brewer's Supreme Extreme

33.25" Sorrel Appaloosa Stallion. Gorgeous Arabian head with wonderful movement

32.5 Bay Few Spot stallion
Long slender neck, great top line and beautiful head and eyes. Full brother to Reach for the Sky, Renegade and Snow Drift.

Starfire Supreme Serenade

Red Appy LP/LP

Starfire Talia Done In Black

Appaloosa - Lp/lp Black -no gray gene.
He has been added to our stud force

Very refined, sound smaller Blue Roan 32". he has white spots all along his back bone that are hard to see in pics and he already is coating up covering some of them-he has appy mottling all over and striped hooves.
colt-reminds me much of a beautiful L&D Scout Stallion I loved at Fallen
Ash years ago, he has a beautiful well set slim neck
and very Nice head. Show quality!! Discount to a good show home.

Orion Light, Buckeroo, Rowdy and a little Gold Melody Boy come together for this year's masterpiece!
A/R pending

REHS Classy Night was sired by Trios Night Rider (Black w/Frost hip appy) sold to Australia for $50,000 years ago where he was named Australia's * First Living Legend*. Trio's Night Rider was named their leading sire w/4 National Grand Champion,10 National Ch. 5 Golden West Futurity winners. 
Trios Night Rider was the most successfully shown horse of his time, winning Supreme at Melbourne RoyalAdelaide Royal and the Victorian State Championships. He offered a very correct body, tail set, long slim well-set neck and a beautiful head.
"Classy's" dam was Boones Little Classy Lady, a Boones HFS Don Jose daughter. Classy is the sire of Natl Ch. and area Grand ch. Thousand Oaks Ladyhawk - who also is an appy. 
Here he has sired in very limited use: our beautiful 2005 brown leopard appy mare-Star Fire Snowy Night, a 2006 Brown appy colt w/ dark chocolate spots all over him , and  Snowy Night-a stunning Bay appy filly w/ a huge white blanket w/ large spots-She is Star Fire Snowflake who all our visitors fall in love with.
Classy has a wonderful temperament especially for a stallion. He is gentle, easy to manage and loves children and will even give them rides. He baby sits our young foals, even ones not his. He would like to be a house pet-comes up on the porch and looks in the window.

SOLD to Medford Miniatures in Texas.

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